Future Colloquium

The Big Picture – Zooming into Life
23rd EMBL Ph.D. symposium,
December 16-17


“Physics of Living Matter” Cross-disciplinary course

Master of Science in Physics – University of Luxembourg


Audience: Masters and PhD students coming from Physics, Life Sciences, Health and Environmental sciences/engineering

Lecturer: Associate Prof. SENGUPTA Anupam and GHOSHAL Arkajyoti



Cross Disciplinary course in Biological Physics targeted to Masters and PhD level students from PhyMS RU, LS RU, LCSB, RU ES, LIH, and LIST.

The cross-disciplinary field of biophysics has seen major expansion in the recent years, thanks to the advancements in physical, engineering and computational tools. Luxembourg is at the forefront of scientific activities in biological physics with its exciting landscape of experimental and theoretical research on biological questions that require a strong quantitative physical approach. The Physics and Materials Research Unit offers an introduction to this exciting interdisciplinary field, interfacing fluid mechanics, microbiology (of virus, bacteria, and algae), physical ecology, and materials physics. This course will explore how quantitative approaches in biological sciences could provide a mechanistic framework for the rich myriad of emergent phenomena observed in living systems.

Main Objectives
1. To be able to quantify biological processes at the level of individual cells, populations, and multi-species communities, and their relation to the environments they inhabit.
2. To have an overview of the main relevant experimental and statistical tools, and respective working principles, relevance, and limitations.
3. To understand cross-interactions between cellular behavior and physiology.
4. To understand how single cell dynamics lead to emergent functional properties at the scale of population and communities.

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