DTU ACTIVE : Courses

Important: PhD students must meet the requirements of their specific Doctoral School (see here)

The Doctoral Training Unit Active suggests a list of courses (constantly updated):

  • Summer semester 2022

Probability (Stochastic analysis)
MAMATH-23 (Master in Mathematics)
Giovanni Peccati

Advanced System Biology: Metabolomics and Metabolism
ISB401 (Master in integrated system biology)
4 ECTS (9h-17h, 3h theory + 4h tutorial)
1 week theory (21/02/22 – 25/02/22) + 1 week practicals(28/02/22 – 04/03/22)
Carole Linster

Advanced System Biology: Constraint based metabolic modeling
ISB705 (Master in integrated system biology)
4 ECTS, 2 weeks (09h – 17h, 07/03/22 – 18/03/22)
Maria Pires Pacheco

Nonequilibrium Soft and Active Matter
Master of Science in Physics
4 ECTS, every Summer Semester
Etienne Fodor

Field Theory
1 ECTS, Summer semester 2022, 2 days (23/05/2022, 24/05/2022)
Thomas Schmidt + Etienne Fodor

Physics of Life Summer School (mandatory for registered DTU students)
University of Edinburgh,
April 25-29, 2022



  • Winter semester 2022

Probability (Martingale theory)
MAMATH-4 (Master in mathematics)
4 ECTS Winter semester
Simon Campese

Introduction to Systems Biology
ISB701 [MAISB-14] (Master in integrated system biology)
4 ECTS (19/09/22 – 30/09/22)
Thomas Sauter

Physics of Living Matter
MCMP-39 (Master of Science in Physics)
4 ECTS, every Winter Semester
Anupam Sengupta

Fourth International Course on Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems
Institut Curie, Paris, France,
November 4-10, 2021