ACTIVE : Active Phenomena Across Scales in Biological Systems

ACTIVE is a competitive Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) supported by the research funding scheme PRIDE of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).

The overarching scientific aim of DTU ACTIVE is to develop and apply new concepts of active matter across biological scales to allow new perspectives on the multiscale organisation of life. 

For this, 14 PhD candidates are working on molecular, cellular and population levels and their interactions using complementary approaches from quantum physics, stochastic thermodynamics, machine learning and molecular biology as detailed in PhD projects.

DTU ACTIVE Coordinator: Massimiliano ESPOSITO (DPhyMS)

Supervisors: Alex Skupin (LCSB), Alexander Tkatchenko (DPhyMS), Anupam Sengupta (DPhyMS), Carole Linster (LSCB), Jorge Goncalves (LCSB), Massimiliano Esposito (DPhyMS), Stéphane Bordas (CES), Thomas Schmidt (DPhyMS) and, Etienne Fodor and other future Soft Matter position in DPhyMS